Mercedes Benz 250SE 1966

  • After a quality restoration
  • In an ideal colour combination
  • Sought for, European version
  • Ready to take the road

Estimated value 85 000 – 105 000 zloty

Starting price 55 000 zloty

Chassis number 10801410022714

Technical data:

Engine: Inline, six-cylinder, 2496 cc
Power output: 150 BHP
Rear-wheel drive, four-speed manual gearbox/four-speed automatic gearbox

Model History

When Mercedes-Benz replaced the W111 and W112, nicknamed fintails, with W108 and W109 models, Mercedes’s design department went through a bit of a revolution. Paul Bracq, designer responsible for the look of the new executive model, got rid of distinctive fintails on the boot lid, for which its predecessor gained recognition. The new car had larger glass sections, flat roof and became generally lower and wider, both optically and physically. Despite the fact that the aforementioned fintail remained in production until 1968, from the moment of its successor’s debut it was regarded as a lower class model. W108 and W109 became the most innovative cars made by Mercedes-Benz at the time.
Under the bonnet of new models there were six- and eight-cylinder engines. Basic engine in the W108 was designated 250S. It went on sale in July 1965, had 2.5 litres of displacement and developed 130 BHP.
A four-speed manual gearbox was fitted as standard, but it could also by specified with a four-speed automatic.
Before W108 and W109 were replaced by the W116 (the first Mercedes-Benz to be officially called “S Class”) in 1972 (1973 in the United States), a total of 383,361 examples were made. With a total production volume of 364,699 examples, the W108 was much more common.
The car became a huge success and received rave reviews from all over the world. It was universally recognised by businessmen, politicians and top show-business celebrities. Nowadays, many years after its debut, it is also praised for its timeless character and exceptional durability.

Car History

Offered for sale at the Winter Auction Mercedes 250SE of the W108 model range left the factory in 1966 and was made for the Swiss market. Imported to Poland for restoration it was partially rebuild between 2003 and 2006. Its interior was then reuplholstered with original Mercedes-Benz materials, its chromed elements were also partially restored anf repolish, new front fenders were fitted also from original Mercedes spares, and finally it has received a new coat of black paint. It was then registered as an antique vehicle in Poland.
In 2010, its new owner decided to perfect the restoration and the car was entirely rebuilt in terms of bodywork and painting. New seals from Mercedes-Benz original parts were fitted all around the body and the dashboard was refreshed. Six years after the restoration the paint is still glossy and has no defects and the combination of DB 40 color with its blue navy interior gives this very car an unimitable presence and class. All the doors open and close flawlessly and the engine is ready for long trips.
It is a car of an exceptionnal presentation after a well executed body restoration, in European specification with the single-frame headlights reserved for the 250SE.