BMW 1602 1975

  • One of the most interesting models from the neue classe range, in a great color
  • Mechanically sound and ready to hit the road
  • A fantastic basis for comprehensive restoration

Estimate 27 000 – 34 000 PLN
Starting price 19 000 PLN

Technical specification:

BMW 1602
Engine: inline, 4-cylinder, 1573 cc
Power: 85 BHP
Rear-wheel drive, four-speed manual gearbox

Model History

The BMW 02 Series were distinctively sporty cars based on the legendary New Class (Neue Klasse) sedans, which saved the brand after the crisis in the 1950’s and established the Bavarian manufacturer’s position in the premium car segment.

The saloon model was launched in 1962 as a response to market demand for a comfortable four-door saloon car powered by smaller engines than the company had made before. Under its bonnet there were various power plants displacing from 1,5 to 2 litres.

This four-door saloon had a very pretty and well-proportioned silhouette (designed by Wilhelm Hofmeister). It astonished everyone with its innovative features, such as for instance independent rear suspension.

A smaller derivative of the New Class (Neue Klasse) saloon named 02 Series was launched in 1966. It was lighter, cheaper and had a more sporty character.

It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1966. At this point the car was named 1600-2 after its engine displacement and door count. Under its bonnet there was 1,6-litre engine developing 85 BHP, which was traditionally channelled to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox.

An experimental 1602 Elektro version is also worth mentioning. It was powered by an electric engine and was created to serve as a support vehicle for long distance runs during the Munich Olympics in 1972. Only two examples were made.

Overall, between 1966 and 1977, a total of 861 940 examples of 02 series BMW were delivered to customers. The car was praised for its combination of outstanding handling and ample performance with good economy and sensible price.

Car History

Offered by Ardor Auctions BMW 1602 from 1975 is a car of Italian origin and spent most of his life in Rome. Its owner used it on an everyday basis for its daily commute. Given the traffic characteristics of this city, the exterior plastic boards do have various dings and small dents due to the typical parking wars in one of the most congested European capitals. This car is mechanically sound and running, ready to hit the road and appears to be a great commute alternative compared to more modern vehicles, and is definitely suitable for a daily use as is. The interior has a very nice a good loking patina and defnititely takes its driver back to the glorious 1970s. On the exterior, the body is sharp but bears signs of use. It can also be considered as a great basis for comprehensive restoration, or for someone‘s first classic car.