1971 Fiat 500L

Chassis number: 2849063

Predecessor of the Polish ‘Maluch’ (Polski Fiat 126p)

Attractive colour combination

Perfect classic car for sunny days in the city

Starting price: 22 000 PLN (estimated: 28 000 – 35 000)

(5 100€/6 500-8 100€)

Technical Specification

Engine: 2 cylinders, 0.5-litre

Power: 18 break horsepower

Other: manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive

Legal condition: registered in Poland

Available paperwork: certificate of title, vehicle log book


Vehicle Description


The original Fiat 500 is the car that motorized post-World War II Italy, but there’s much more to it than that. It also became the icon of the Italian design and lifestyle and one of the most loved cars of all time. Its production volume of three and a half million is a perfect evidence to support that.

History of this legendary vehicle started with its debut in 1957. The car was eagerly awaited. At the time, Italy was recovering from the war and needed an inexpensive and simple means of personal transportation. The 500 was also a predecessor of the Polski Fiat 126p. Its huge success is owed to its uncomplicated design and unique charm that was hard to resist.

The Fiat offered at our summer auction rolled off the production line in 1971. A couple of years ago it was purchased by its current owner in Poland and became a typical hobby car used sporadically in sunny and dry weather. When not in use, the car was kept in a warm garage. Last year it underwent a number of cosmetic and mechanical enhancements. Visually, the car looks sound. Paintwork does not require urgent work, just regular polishing will be enough. Bodywork also seems not to be in dire need of repairs, as is the case in many cheap examples. The gallantry and trim elements are complete and have not been modified. Bright, cognac-coloured interior combined with dark blue exterior paint is an intriguing and elegant colour combination. The 500 is mechanically sound and ready to drive, the only downside being the deficient electrical system used for lighting. However, in case of such uncomplicated vehicle it will not be a challenge for the mechanic. Despite its low power output, the car is perfectly suited for city driving. It also makes other road users react enthusiastically every time they see it.

The market for this model is full of cars begging for restoration or modified ones. In this case we’re dealing with an interesting example in really good condition.