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Date: 21st May 2016
Place: Rozalin Palace


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Driving pleasure, sporty spirit, light and easy steering define the character of automobiles Ardor Auctions will present at the Rozalin Palace 2016 auction. Our guests and attendees will have the opportunity to make their dreams of owning a classic automobile for ecstatic summer morning drives come true.

Date: 21st May 2016

Place: Rozalin Palace near Warsaw

Accomodation: We invite you to stay at the hotel which is part of Rozalin Palace facilities.To make a booking and check the availability, please contact: +48 506 000 227

How-to-get: Palacowa Street 27, 05-831 Rozalin. Details are posted on our website –
Auction schedule:
9am-11am – preview for all pre-registered bidders only (if you desire to view the cars and you didn’t register online, you will be able to register on-site from 9am)
11am-1pm – technical break
1pm-5pm – public catalogue preview (catalogue priced at 100 PLN)
5pm – auction

We encourage to register as a bidder, by filling form linked here.


Auction: The auction will start around 5pm.

There are three options available:
1) on-site – in order to access our auction, you will need to register your data before our auction starts, by the registration desk,
2) phone-call – if you cannot come, you will be able to register for a phone-call auction. This option is available after previous registration (no later than 24h before auction starts) and is equivalent to bank transfer deposit. To register, please contact our helpline: +48 22 395 61 26,

 bank transfer before an event:
Ardor Auctions sp. z o.o
Warszawa, ul. Klimczaka 1
Account number: 70114019770000305614001004
 freezing the funds on your credit card during our event. It will be available by our registration desk at the galery
3) absentee-bid – if you cannot come, you will be able to register an absentee-bid. It will be able after previous registration with deposit via our helpline (+48 395 61 26). It’s equivalent of choosing one of the objects from catalogue and declaring amount which you are able to pay for it.

If you would like to get more information regarding our event, please contact our helpline (+48 22 395 61 26) or use our e-mail:


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