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Theres no art without emotions


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Ardor Auctions was founded in response to an increasing interest in classic cars in Poland. Our market of vintage automobiles has been developing dynamically and has shown lots of potential.

The number of classic cars in Poland increased by 30% in one year between 2012 and 2013. There were 13 000 of them in Poland then. The estimates say there are four times as many of them now.

Vintage automobiles are not everyman’s hobby. It requires persistence, experience and knowhow. We possess those qualities, thus we are able to assist our clients in finding vehicles, which meet their needs. Those which bring pure joy and whose value may only grow. We help and advise both those clients, who have just taken the first step into the magic world of vintage automobiles as well as those who have already recognised and wish to enrich their passion.

We focus on outstanding cars, which bring about parts of human history. Cars, which are unforgettable and whose value has been appreciated by both the collectors and the market. Only such vehicles are a secure investment. The buyer may be certain that when they use our assistance in buying a car they acquire something unique.


Owners of vintage automobiles (our clients included) form an unconventional social group. A social group, which consists of individuals leading inspiring lives, who place beauty above usefulness. They prefer vinyl records to USB sticks and 18-year old single malt whiskey to Johnny Walker. People with class who may not be satisfied with half-measures or low quality. Classic cars complete their personalities to the full.


We began our activity with a strong accord. The first event took place in PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, where 58 exceptional cars of prices between 20 thousand and a few million were bid in the auction.

We were pioneers opening new horizons to people fascinated with vintage automobiles. Never before had there been such a big professional car auction organised in Poland. There were 1500 participants, among who 100 lodged a security thus purchasing the right to participate in the auction. Spirit industry and lifestyle business were our partners. PGE National Stadium 2015 Auction got the interest not only of the Polish vintage automobile market but of the media as well. The entire event was transmitted live on Motovision website. It was also mentioned in such media as ‘Forbes’, Gazeta Wyborcza’, ‘Onet’, ‘Polskie Radio’, ‘Radio Zet’ or ‘Auto Świat’.

No wonder – the event we organised was revolutionary for our home market of vintage automobiles. Each car put up for bidding was exceptional in its own way. Some were, however, real gems, among them Jaguar Mark X, which used to belong to former Prime Minister of communist Poland, Joseph Cyrankiewicz or Chevrolet Deluxe Sedan, which was discovered in a Warsaw district of Mokotów after being kept in a garage for about 30 years. It is also worth mentioning an exceptionally rare Ferrari 512 BBi produced in a limited number of 1007 cars as well strikingly beautiful Jaguar E-Type S1 Roadster made in 1962. All biggest auction houses in Europe would be proud of such a selection for bidding.


We are the only Polish auction house, which specialises in selling classic cars. In spite of no existing competition, we never rest on our laurels. We persist in our work to keep up and strengthen our position and renown. Ardor Auctions sells not only cars but also a certain unique lifestyle. Our clients are given an opportunity to belong to an elite of connoisseurs as well as exclusivity and a chance to invest money well.

Please contact us:

Michał Prząda
Marketing Manager
tel. 516-612-395