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Dom Aukcyjny Ardor Auctions is making efforts to meet the increasing need for effective sale of unique vintage and sport cars in Poland

We also offer support for owners of larger collections of motor car vehicles in the scope of their valuation and preparation for sale.

Why consign your vehicle with Ardor Auctions?

Our auction house is the first institution of this type in Central Europe.

The demand for vintage automobiles and modern classic cars is growing in Poland. Selling your vehicle with us might be a great opportunity to match a high final price for your automobile, as demand is often matching supply, especially in the Eur 60,000+ price category.

Ardor Auctions positions itself as the sole partner, allowing hundreds of potential buyers from Poland and abroad to bid on rare and interesting vehicles.

Our auctions, unlike fairs or exhibitions, are events dedicated solely to sale and addressed to a specific category of persons, those who are determined to make the purchase.

With the highest standards according to which auctions are managed, all the cars are then presented in Polish media as items of extreme value.

How do I consign a vehicle with Ardor Auctions?

1. Step one: contact
Contact with the auction house. The owners are welcome to contact us by email or phone. Our email for foreign sellers is Our office will reply to all your questions: +48 22 395 61 26.

2. Step two: information about the car and visual inspection
After the first contact, Ardor Auctions specialists will arrange a meeting and visual inspection of the vehicle with you, even abroad. Dom Aukcyjny will then prepare the documentation and gather information about your car or cars, such as general condition or history.

This allows us identify the position of your car in the Polish market and confront its value against your price expectation.

3. Step three: auction contract and cataloguing
If you are satisfied with the Ardor Auctions proposal, we will have another meeting. The auction contract is then signed which initiates the process of cataloguing the car for bidding. Our photographer will also prepare the photos of your car for the auction catalogue. Of course in this case, we fly abroad.

4. Step four: marketing and auction
After making the entry in the catalogue, Ardor Auctions will initiate the process of marketing actions in reference to your car or cars so as to best present your property for the auction.