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Ardor – Auction House

Ardor Auctions is the first and only auction house in Poland which deals in classic and vintage automobiles. The former statement, however, does not fully express the essence of our activity. We are the bridge between those who sell classic cars and those who dream of possessing them. Some of the buyers know the market and search for a precise vehicle in a particular version. Others, those less experienced, are simply looking for something unique. We deliver all that.

Ardor – more than cars

When you purchase a vintage automobile, you buy something more than a mere means of transport. While a new car gives one an opportunity to travel from point A to point B, a vintage automobile signifies travelling in time. It means going back to the period when stylists’ and engineers’ creativity was not limited by rules, regulations and conventions. To the times when automotive business was honest, true and authentic, when terms such as uniformity and ecology had no bearing. When automobiles were designed by passionate creators not by


Ardor Auctions was founded in response to an increasing interest in classic cars in Poland. Our market of vintage automobiles has been developing dynamically and has shown lots of potential. The number of classic cars in Poland increased by 30% in one year between 2012 and 2013. There were 13 000 of them in Poland then. The estimates say there are four times as many of them now.

Vintage automobiles are not everyman’s hobby. It requires persistence, experience and knowhow. We possess those qualities, thus we are able to assist our clients in finding vehicles, which meet their needs. Those which bring pure joy and whose value may only grow. We help and advise both those clients, who have just taken the first step into the magic world of vintage automobiles as well as those who have already recognised and wish to enrich their passion. We focus on outstanding cars, which bring about parts of human history. Cars, which are unforgettable and whose value has been appreciated by both the collectors and the market. Only such vehicles are a secure investment. The buyer may be certain that when they use our assistance in buying a car they acquire something unique.