5. Volvo P1800S 1965

Chassis number 16945

  • Legendary Swedish coupé
  • After a meticulous restoration
  • Elegant colour combination

starting bid: 150 000 zł (estimate 200 000 – 250 000)

(35 500€/47 000-59 000€)

Technical data:

engine: 1.8 R4
power output: 100 break horsepower
other data: manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive
legal condition: not registered, paid up

available paperwork: US certificate of registration, original invoice and translation, customs clearence confirmation, buying contract

The prototype of the new Volvo model was ready back in 1957. The person responsible for the execution of this project was Helmer Petterson (earlier credited with the PV444 model), whereas its modern and timeless body was designed by his son, Pelle Petterson, who worked for the design studio of the legendary designer Pietro Frua at the time. Italian style is easily noticeable in the attractive design of the Swedish two-door. Initially, a manufacturing deal with a British company called Jensen was sealed. The body was supposed to be manufactured in a workshop based in Scotland, from there it would be transported to the English city of West Bromwich, where final assembly would take place. After some time the deal was cancelled and assembly was moved to Gothenburg in Sweden, hence the “S” in the car’s name. The white Volvo was originally sold in the United States, specifically from sunny California. It was shipped to Poland in 2014. Thanks to its impeccable state of repair it was a perfect base for restoration. First owner in the country handed over a comprehensive photo documentation of the restoration process, available to potential customers. The Volvo did not need major bodywork repairs, the new paint was applied with due care and all chromed parts were refurbished. The interior was also restored in that it was fully reupholstered using quality red leather. Even the tooled brand logo on the backrests was recreated. Recently, the car underwent a thorough oil inspection. Its current owner decided to have an expensive carburetor refurbishment performed, thanks to which its prospective buyer will be able to fully enjoy the engine’s potential. One has to mention some nice touches such as the original stereo or analogue clock that are fully functioning, which is not obvious in cars of this age. This particular P1800S is a non-compromise vehicle. Fully restored up to the last nut and bolt, it looks phenomenal. Production of the P1800 ended in 1973. Overall 47 492 examples were made. The car became famous when it was featured as the car driven by the main character played by Roger Moore in the television series “The Saint”. Although the P1800 was never a typical sports car, it was highly appreciated as a comfortable Gran Turismo car. This car also owns the Guinness world record for highest certified mileage of any car. An American called Irv Gordon has done more than three million miles in his P1800s since 1966.