Volvo P1800S 1967

Vehicle Identification Number: 183351

– The single most desired Volvo among collectors

– The interior is kept in its original condition.

– The car comes from Norway

(Estimate: 120 000 – 180 000 PLN)

Technical specification:

Engine: 1.8-litre R4

Power: 100 BHP

Other information: manual transmission, rear-wheel drive

Legal status: registered in Norway

Vehicle description

The Volvo P1800 prototype was ready in 1957, designed by young Swede Pelle Petterson, who was influenced by the Italian design school. He acquired experience in the Turin workshop headed by the renowned Pietro Frue. In the first years of the production run, the new Volvo model was assembled in the UK in cooperation with Jensen. However, the company’s management was not satisfied with the work of the English partner and after a few years the assembly was moved to  Sweden. Since then, the letter “S” was added to the model name, which was later replaced by “E” for models with fuel injection. The “ES” meant an enlarged body in the form of a “shooting brake”. The P1800 model became famous thanks to the legendary TV series The Saint, since it was used by the main protagonist played by Roger Moore. This model also holds a record for the largest documented mileage. An American driver Ivy Gordon managed to cover  more than three million miles in his Volvo. The production run of this model lasted from 1961 to 1973, during which around 50,000 cars were made, with two body and engine variants available.

The burgundy car showcased in the catalogue was manufactured in 1967, which means that it is a classic “S” variant powered by a 1800 ccm engine, to which the model owes its name. The B18 engine is fed by two carburettors and maintained in a great shape, which the driver will be able to see even during a short ride. The car starts without any problems, accelerates smoothly and drives reliably, which proves the good mechanical condition. Over the last several years, the vehicle has been used by sole owner, an older Norwegian man. A little over a year ago, it was bought by a Pole residing in Norway, who drove the car to Poland. While in the country, the vehicle did not undergo any major restorations or repairs, except for some cosmetics and adjustments. The paintwork looks good and does not require immediate repairs, just like the chrome plated accessories. The passenger cabin is maintained in its original condition. The worn upholstery adds authenticity to the interior, as does the radio receiver from the era. This kind of patina is becoming more and more appreciated by collectors. Contemporary Minilight rims are certainly a deviation from the original state, but they are often found in some classics due to their attractive, yet subdued appearance. From the point of view of the prices of vehicles imported to Poland for restoration, this is a very competitive offer, because the vehicle is already roadworthy – all you have to do is to go through the process of officially importing it to the country, because formally the car is still registered in Norway.