Audi Quattro S1

Vehicle Number: WAUZZZ81ZFA201502

– A replica of legendary rally car

– Car built basing on a historical documentation of Audi Sport department

– Very rare vehicle with collecting potential

 (estimate: 1 300 000 PLN – 1 600 000 PLN)

Technical specification:

Engine: 2.2-litre R5

Power: 460 BHP

Other information: manual transmission, all-wheel drive

Legal status: registered in Poland

Vehicle description

The Audi Quattro is a sports passenger car that was designed since the late 1970s. The finished car first saw the light of day at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980. The history of the car’s development was quite perverse. During the development work on the new prototype, winter tests featuring an Audi 200 and Volkswagen Iltis were carried out. The coarse, no-frills VW off-road vehicle proved to be much more nimble in snowy conditions than a powerful executive car, which led to the decision to adapt 4×4 drives to passenger cars. After convincing the company’s management to this idea, first prototypes were built based on Audi 80. The very first test drives of the finished vehicles were met with very enthusiastic reactions of the rally drivers hired for testing them. The officially released version of the car was marked with an internal codename “Type 85” and was distinguished by wider bumpers and a wide body kit. Under the bonnet, the owners could find a five-cylinder turbocharged engine. Apart from that, the car was equipped with a full-time all-wheel drive with central and rear locking differential. In 1987, the differential was moved to the centre of the system and the locking rear axle was actuated with a button from the passenger compartment. In order to obtain the Group B rally approval, a shortened version of Sport Quattro was developed in order to make it more nimble. A little over 200 standard cars were built. At the time, it was the most expensive mass-produced German car, with a price almost twice of that of a Porsche 911 Turbo.

The replica of Audi Quattro S1 was built by Lech Koraszewski, who has been a long-term fan of the Audi brand and used many of their cars to win championships in mountain races. The work began with the tedious fitting of body parts from several other models, similar to the way the original car was created a few decades earlier in the sports department of the German manufacturer. In his design, the front of the 80 Quattro sedan model was combined with a front part from the real „Sport” and a back from the Quattro coupe variant. The whole structure has been made stiffer by installing a roll cage and additional reinforcements made of pipe. While most of the body panels for rally cars in the 80s were made of Kevlar, the Audi Quattro S1 replica uses lighter carbon-fibre elements instead, which, like the windows or axles, were made to order, because they do not fit in with any other factory vehicle. One of the main issues faced by its creator was rebuilding the original geometry of the aluminium suspension with titanium elements. The presented car is powered by an original five-cylinder engine, in line with the B Group requirements. The turbocharged unit has a displacement of 2226 ccm and 20 valves controlled by two camshafts. The car was built with the utmost care for historical details; even the pedals are identical as in the original Quattro S1. Keep in mind that only 20 of these were made!