1951 MG TD


Sports car from the 1950s

Restored less than 20 years ago

Rare sight on Polish classic car market

Chassis number: 23962

Starting price: 55 000 PLN (estimated 75 000 – 100 000)

(12 800€/17 500-23 200€)

Technical Specification:

Engine: 1.3 -litre, L4

Power output: 55 break horsepower

Other: manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive

Legal condition: registered in Poland, with ‘yellow’ vintage car number plates

Available paperwork: certificate of title, expert opinion

Vehicle Description

Of all the cars made by MG, the TD,which replaced the TC model, deserves special attention. It was manufactured from 1949 through 1953 as a two seater convertible with a folding roof. Its engine is a 1.3 litre and develops 55 break horsepower. Overall, a total of 30 000 examples of this shapely roadster were made. Most of them were delivered in the United States.

The car offered at our auction is a rare sight on the Polish classic car market. It left the factory in 1951 and was exported across the ocean. In 2005 it was brought back to Europe – Poland, specifically. After that, one of the best classic car restoration workshops in the country set about bringing it back to its former glory.

High quality of the restoration work is still plain to see today, thanks to top notch materials used in the process. Mechanically the car is fully functional and recently underwent an appropriate maintenance. Under the bonnet the car looks very good as well. Because of its character, the car was not used hard since restoration was completed, thanks to which it should retain its good mechanical condition for several years to come.

The MG TD is an unusual choice when it comes to classic cars in Poland. Cars like these, with very few examples in existence, are appreciated by more seasoned collectors. Owning a TD model will be a true adventure. Driving this road veteran will be an emotional experience that cannot be replicated behind the wheel of newer classics or youngtimers.