11. 1973 Chevrolet Corvette

  •  Unmistakable shape of the convertible version
  • Fully restored, after mechanical upgrades
  • Powered by a fully rebuilt, mighty big-block V8 engine

Chassis number: 1Z67J36406350

Starting price: 120 000 PLN (estimated: 150 000 – 180 000)

 (28 800€/36 600-43 200€)

Technical Specification:

Engine: V8, 7.0-litre

Power output: 390 break horsepower

Other: automatic gearbox, rear-wheel drive

Legal condition: registered in Poland with yellow, vintage car number plates

Available paperwork: certificate of title, vehicle history card, certificate of insurance

Vehicle Description

In 1953 Chevrolet unveiled a timeless, two-seater convertible called the Corvette. It also marked a birth of an American legend, which went down in history as not only a motoring, but also a pop-culture icon. Third generation of the Corvette, codenamed simply ‘C3’, went on sale in 1967. Two years later the car regained its ‘Stingray’ nickname, which was already in use with regard to its predecessor, the C2. It is inspired by the body shape, mostly the long and slender bonnet. During its lifespan, United Stated government introduced stringent regulations, which forced manufacturers to reduce power outputs of combustion engines. Power output of the Corvette dropped from initial 350 to just 200 break horsepower.

The car offered on our spring event is well taken care of and totally ready to drive. Market is flooded with vehicles looking good on the outside, but hiding real issues and years of negligence underneath. The black Corvette rolled off the production line in 1973 as a convertible version. It was purchased by its current owner in 2015. Afterwards, the car was sent to one of the most renowned workshops specialized in restoring classic cars. The Chevrolet underwent a thorough maintenance and currently needs no further attention. Under the bonnet there is a huge, big-block 7-litre engine. Automatic gearbox shifts smoothly, suspension was stiffened to improve handling and allow a more efficient use of available power. Deep darkness of the paint is a perfect match for the bright-coloured interior. The soft top is in a very good condition and even though it’s operated manually, it is exceptionally easy to use.

The car provides an incredible driving experience and looks marvelous compared to many other Corvettes imported in recent years from across the ocean. Stingray is a thoroughbred muscle car with a unique body shape, delivering a bass growl from its eight-cylinder engine and tons of roofless driving pleasure.