08. 1977 Porsche 928 Strosek

  • Complete styling package made by Strosek
  • Equipped with a manual gearbox
  • Bodywork needs a nip and tuck

Chassis number: 9288101104

Starting price: 70 000 PLN (estimated: 90 000 – 110 000)

 (16 800€/21 600-26 400€)

Technical Specification:

Engine: V8, 4.5-litre

Power output: 240 break horsepower

Other: automatic gearbox, rear-wheel drive

Legal condition: registered in Poland

Available paperwork: certificate of title, vehicle history card, certificate of insurance

Vehicle Description

The Porsche 928 is an exceptionally modern vehicle given the time it was conceived. Fundamental objective of this project was to create a fast and luxurious grand tourer, a car totally different to the raw and simple 911, that it was supposed to replace. Curiously though, the 911 sold so well that eventually a decision was made to keep it in production and to abandon the plan of introducing a successor. Both 928 and 924 were designed around a ‘transaxle’ layout, with the engine up front and the gearbox placed in the back for better weight distribution. The 928 is powered by a huge and sophisticated V8 engine. It was launched in 1977 and was voted the car of the year in 1978.

Presented vehicle comes from the first series of the 928. It left the factory in 1977 as a stock production vehicle powered by a 4.5-litre engine developing 240 break horsepower. It was imported to Poland more than 10 years ago. Previous owner decided to modify it visually using original components made by a German company called Strosek. Styling pack is complete, both spoilers and wheels come from an original styling kit dedicated for Porsche. Nowadays it is incredibly difficult to obtain a similar bodykit from the period. Unfortunately, the car does need some work on the visual front. There paint is cracked in some places, but thanks to some detailing works, the body retained a little bit of its former glory. Interior has been wrapped in grey, perforated leather. Mechanically, the car is fully drivable. Engine fires up with no problems and has lost none of its power. However, air vents and air conditioning will definitely need to be repaired. Manual gearbox is a huge asset, providing a much better driving experience compared to an automatic transmission. Moreover, the manual is definitely more valued by Porsche enthusiasts. The 928 modified by Strosek is a controversial car, especially for brand afficionados, but it does tell a compelling story of 1970’s and 1980’s car tuning. It is
sign of the times and although it may be deemed tacky by some, its value as a rarity styled by a legendary Porsche tuner is likely to grow.