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012 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC AMG

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Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC AMG

Chassis number: 1260441A190045

  • Original, European AMG version with complete package
  • Vehicle is fully operational, and prepared for the season

Estimated value: 100 000-120 000 PLN

Starting price: 80 000 PLN

Model history

This traditionally styled, full size coupe went down in history as one of the most beautiful cars ever made by Mercedes-Benz. It was also a symbol of luxury and excess of the 1980s.
History of the W126 Coupe, also known as the SEC, began in 1979, when the new generation of S class went on sale. Not only was it more technologically advanced and efficient than its predecessor – it also started a revolution in design of Mercedes-Benz cars from that era.
Two years later, the German manufacturer introduced a two-door version of the S class. It was an alternative for those, who wanted the ultimate luxury Mercedes-Benz, but also wanted to drive it themselves. The car was distinguished by subtle, elegant body lines and an extremely low drag coefficient (Cx=0.34).
The W126 saloon could be had with a six- or even five-cylinder engine (the latter being a diesel). Two-door version, however, was only available with a V8. The least powerful version, dubbed 380 SEC, had 204 BHP. 420 SEC had a 218 BHP engine between 1985-87 and 231 BHP between 1987-91. 500 SEC (as in the car on offer) had 231 BHP between 1980-85 and 252 BHP between 1985 and 1991. On top of the range there was a 5.6-litre 560 SEC version, which initially developed 272 BHP. Later models were good for around 300 BHP. Many innovative options improving safety and comfort were introduced for the very first time on board of the SEC. Customers could specify their cars with airbags (at first only for the driver, later for the passenger as well), anti-lock brakes, traction control and fully automatic climate control.
The only transmission available for the SEC was a four-speed automatic, obviously sending power to rear wheels only.
The car was often modified by various tuning companies, most recognizable being AMG. AMG offered not only exterior styling kits, but also modifications of the powertrain. They could also bore the 5-litre engine out to 5.4 litres, which increased power to 310 BHP or swap the stock automatic gearbox for a manual.
The W126 SEC remained in production until the end of 1991. 74 060 examples were produced (making it 11 times more exclusive than the W126 saloon). It was replaced by the C140, which was based on the next generation S class (W140). Mercedes-Benz SEC to this day is widely recognized for its technological refinement, exceptional comfort and performance.

Car history

This AMG tuned Mercedes C126 500 SEC offered at the Rozalin 2016 auction is a car that needs no introduction, especially for the fans of AMG Mercs. The car on offer was shipped from the US in 2015 by its current owner. When it arrived in Europe, it needed some minor repairs. It has to be stressed that it left the factory as a European-spec car and was later modified to make it road legal in the US. The conversion included e.g. replacement of the instrument cluster. The car comes with a full, proven service record, including service books and invoices for consumables. The owner of the car has had the paintwork refurbished (the car has retained its original colour spec) and after a long search managed to find original Penta wheels, which are fitted to the car. Interior of the car has been thoroughly detailed and looks pretty much like new. Mechanically, the vehicle is fully functional and ready for the season, it has also been recently registered as a classic car. This car is a perfect choice for those who want to experience the inimitable character of AMG Mercs from the 80’s and those who seek after a C126 in this unique version.


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